Meysam Moazzami Guderzi

He is the commander of one of the most clandestine battalions of IRGC Air Defense Command


Mohsen Bagharian

Senior figure in unit 300 (DSPRI), he is responsible for compiling research, (electronic warfare specialist)


Mohammad Ebrahimi

He is a senior commander of one of the most secret battalions (of Guderzi) that carries out secret technology activities for the air defense command...


Asghar Aghazadeh Amin Jan

He is a technician who works in the Air Force Defense Command of the IRGC. (Guderzi battalion)

GFATF LLL Hashmat Parsaii Fard

Hashmat Parsaii Fard

Responsible for training the Hezbollah operatives and Russian soldiers in the IRGC’s “TIK” company

GFATF LLL Meysam Katbi

Meysam Katbi

He is responsible for the transfer of personnel and weapons between Iran and Syria

GFATF LLL Abdollah Ebadi

Abdollah Ebadi

He is one of the senior members of unit 2250, who oversees of transferring weapons through passenger flights, mainly through delivery of hand luggage from...