GFATF LLL Ehsan Rahat Varnosfadrani

Ehsan Rahat Varnosfadrani

Key figure and CEO of Chekad Sanat Faraz Asia, who now works as its chief scientist


Sanat Asmari Company

Sanat Asmari Company, one of IRGC’s cover companies, is a manufacturer of parts and bodies of Shahed-136 UAVs

GFATF LLL Hossein Hafez Amini

Hossein Hafez Amini

A key figure of the IRGC-QF network operating in Turkey and around it, has worked for years with operators from unit 840 of Quds Force.

GFATF LLL Abdullah Mehrabi

Abdullah Mehrabi

Head of the Research and Self-Sufficiency Jihad Organization (SSJO) of the IRGC Aerospace Force

GFATF LLL Mohammad Mohsen Reza

Mohammad Mohsen Reza

Pakistani citizen that lives in Iran in the city of Kom for decades and works with IRGC and Quds Force units to launch terror attacks...