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Taliban claims responsibility for suicide bombing in South Afghanistan

Taliban claims responsibility for suicide bombing in South Afghanistan

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The Taliban outfit has claimed responsibility for a suicide bombing that rocked a Nad Ali check point in southern Afghanistan’s Helmand province on Monday, which left eight soldiers dead and two others missing.

According to media reports written in Suhail Shaheen’s, the spokesperson for Taliban’s liaison office in Qatar’s capital Doha, twitter account, “Talks between the US and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (name of the ousted Taliban regime) resumed Saturday from where discussions were left off” and would continue.

Both the US and the Taliban outfit were close to signing a peace deal in September, but President Donald Trump suspended negotiations after a Taliban-led car bomb claimed 10 lives, including a U.S. soldier in Kabul on 5 September.

Zabihullah Majahid, who claims to speak for the Taliban outfit, claimed responsibility and said that a suicide bomber exploded his “explosive-laden truck inside the combined base of commandos and troops in Zerh Pul area of Nad Ali district, killing 52 security personnel and injuring several others.”

Analysts believe that the militant group would intensify activities against government interests to secure the upper hand at any possible direct talks with the Afghan government for achieving peace in the conflict-stricken country.

“No doubt the armed insurgents would do their best to gain more grounds, to consolidate positions and finally demonstrate their power in efforts to garner the attention of media outlets,” political expert Abbadi told Xinhua.

Fighting has intensified in Afghanistan recently as more than 40 fighters including 11 security personnel, according to security officials, have been killed in the country over the past 24 hours.

Source: Daily News Egypt