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ISIS beheads senior Taliban commander in Jawzjan

ISIS beheads senior Taliban commander in Jawzjan

July 18, 2018 » Today News »


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Local officials say a senior Taliban commander has been beheaded by the Islamic State (IS) militants in northern Jawzjan province of Afghanistan.

Confirming the incident, the provincial governor’s spokesman Mohammad Reza Ghafoori said that the Taliban commander was identified as Mulla Burjan also known as Al Khabis.

Mulla Burjan alongside his colleague had come under the captivity of IS in Darzab district of the province and was beheaded by the militant group on Tuesday, the official said.

Ghafoori added that at least 70 Taliban fighters and 52 IS militants were killed, following days of fierce clashes between the two militant groups in three villages of Darzab district.

According to the provincial governor’s spokesman, currently, the clashes ongoing between the Taliban and IS militants with both sides using light and heavy weapons.

Expressing concerns in this regard, the local residents called on the government to launch a clearance operation in the district.

Source: Ariana News