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Teleserve Plus SAL

Registration Number: 2004609, Baabda, Lebanon;

Registered Office: 4th Floor, Dalas Center, Old Saida Road, Chiyah (Baabda), Lebanon;

Phone: +961 1 390 000;

Fax: +961 1 380 891;

Webpage: www.teleserveplus.com(inactive);

Email: info@teleserveplus.net;

Mailing Address: Postal Box 13-5483, Lebanon;

1. Old Saida Av. Dallas Center 6th Floor;
2. 6th Floor, Dallas Center, Old Saida Avenue, Beirut, Lebanon;
3. 6th Floor, Dallas Center, Old Saida Road, Chiyah, Baabda, Lebanon.


Teleserveplus is subsidiary (daughter) company of Stars Group Holding.

Issam Mohamed Amhaz is General Manager.

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