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ISIS terror atrocities in Iraq

ISIS terror atrocities in Iraq

October 16, 2018 » Today News

M.P. Falih Khizali revealed that 90 people have died in Basra due to polluted water, while the Human Rights Commission announced that the number of people sickened by the water has topped 110,000.

The poor water conditions ignited deadly protests over the summer. The Governor of Basra, As’ad Idani, warned that $10 million was needed to improve Basra’s failed infrastructure.

At least three people were killed, and two others were wounded in recent violence, and at least 51 were found in a mass grave.

Other atrocities:

In Kokjli, two civilians were gunned down.

ISIS terrorists killed one person and wounded another in Qaim.

A double-bombing at a home in Khanaqin wounded the homeowner who is a member of the Peshmerga.

At a military base in Qayara, officials unearthed a mass grave containing 51 bodies belonging to ISIS members.

Source: Antiwar