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Terror attacks targeted global energy supplies

Terror attacks targeted global energy supplies

September 16, 2019 » Today News »

 Affected Countries: saudi-arabia;

The Shoura Council on Monday condemned the terrorist attacks on oil facilities in Abqaiq and Khurais. The Council reaffirmed that these attacks are not only aimed at hitting the Saudi economy but also the global energy supplies, saying “the nerve of the global economy closely linked to energy and its production.”

Sheikh Abdullah Al-Asheikh, president of the Council, chaired the session that called on friendly countries to join efforts to hold accountable those who are behind these attacks, whether they are organizations or countries, and their supporters in view of the nature of these attacks and their economic impact on the international community, the Saudi Press Agency reported quoting a Shoura statement.

Muhammad Al-Motairy, secretary general of the Council, said in the statement that the Shoura voiced its strong condemnation of these terrorist attacks that target infrastructures and vital installations in addition to endangering the lives of civilians.

The Council pledged its full support for the measures taken by the Kingdom to ensure its security as well as the security of its citizens and expatriates from such futile acts.

The Council also called on the consultative councils, parliaments and regional and international parliamentary unions to condemn these acts of sabotage in view of their danger to civilians and the global economy, and their impact on sustainable development of all countries.

Source: Saudi Gazette