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February 6, 2020 » Today News »

Terror suspect arrested for ramming into twelve soldiers in Jerusalem

Terror suspect arrested for ramming into twelve soldiers in Jerusalem

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IDF forces, the Shin Bet and police forces located and arrested the terrorist who carried out the ramming attack in Jerusalem which left 12 Golani soldiers wounded early Thursday morning.

One of the soldiers was critically wounded in the attack.

At the Golani Brigade training base, the soldiers’ swearing-in ceremony was held Thursday evening, with several of the wounded in the terror attack in Jerusalem in attendance. Lt. Col. Sivan Bloch, the brigade commander, said at the ceremony: “Last night we marched in the capital of the people in the ways that the soldiers of the Six-Day War went, as last night, too, a terrorist tried to hurt us and prevent the state’s revival and hope.”

“My message to you and the people of Israel is that no one can hurt the spirit and righteousness of our path and we are here to stay,” the officer stressed.

In the afternoon, the IDF decided to reinforce the Judea and Samaria Brigade with additional combat forces, in accordance with the assessment of the situation that took place in light of the wave of terrorist attacks over the last day.

At the same time, Defense Minister Naphtali Bennett, who landed at Ben Gurion Airport after a diplomatic visit to Washington, went directly to the Tel Aviv army base, where he is conducting a security assessment.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu conducted a security tour of the tunnel checkpoint in Gush Etzion following the wave of terrorist attacks. Earlier, the Prime Minister visited soldiers injured in the Jerusalem attack at Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital.

Source: INN

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