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Terrorist attack at the Giza Pyramids injures at least 16 people

Terrorist attack at the Giza Pyramids injures at least 16 people

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The suspected terrorist attack occurred near the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is located some one and a half miles (2km) away from the pyramids in Giza. RT news reports that ‘the museum, still under construction, is set to be the largest archaeological museum in the world.’ It is due to open in 2020. Many priceless artifacts and treasures are going to be placed on display here, including some from the tomb of Tutankhamun.

In Egypt, security sources have announced a suspected bomb attack on a tourist bus near the world-famous Giza pyramids . Initial reports indicate that 16 people were hurt in the attack, but that their injuries are believed to be relatively minor. If this is confirmed to be a terrorist bombing then it would be the latest in a long string of incidents, that are aimed at disrupting Egypt’s vital tourism sector.

It is believed that what was an improvised explosive device detonated as a bus filled with tourists was waiting in traffic. The explosion occurred at a wall with a fence and it strew debris over the road. This appears to have been a roadside bomb attack, a well-known terrorist tactic in the Middle East.

The Independent quotes a witness to the attack, Mohamed el-Mandouh, as stating that, “he heard a ‘very loud explosion’ while sitting in traffic nearby.” According to the BBC, ‘images showing a damaged bus with its windows blown out and what looked to be injured tourists, some covered in blood, have been circulated on social media’.

It is believed that at least sixteen people were injured in the bomb blast, but there are no reports of any fatalities. First reports indicate that the majority of the wounded only suffered relatively minor injuries. According to the Independent, the injured ‘included South African nationals.’

It appears that the tourist bus had or was going to visit the pyramids at Giza. This is a necropolis with several famous, pyramids and is the site of the Great Sphinx. It is located some 8 miles or 12 km south of Cairo and is a very popular tourist site, visited by millions of people every year.

Source: Ancient Origins