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ISIS terrorist attack kills seven West Libya

ISIS terrorist attack kills seven West Libya

ISIS affiliates killed seven security personnel and injured at least 10 others Thursday in an attack on a security checkpoint in the western Libyan capital, Tripoli.

This incident took place a few hours after the broadcast of a voice recording by ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi inciting his supporters to launch more terrorist attacks in several Arab countries, including Libya.

In a statement, Head of Government of National Accord (GNC) Fayez al-Sarraj pledged to pursue the perpetrators of the terrorist attack and said that “they will not escape impunity and will not find a safe place for them in Libya.”

He pointed out that he has given instructions to the ministry of interior and security services to investigate immediately and arrest the aggressors.

“This terrible crime is carried out only by criminals, who have been stripped out of their humanity and of all values, principles and religious and moral laws,” Sarraj said in his statement.

“Such crimes will only increase Libyans’ determination to fight terrorism.”

“Our country faces a terrorist enemy that targets its stability. We will exert all efforts to fight it and obtain every possible support to monitor, prosecute and punish the perpetrators,” Sarraj stressed.

Also, French Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Agnes Von der Muhll announced that she encourages all initiatives within the framework of UN mediation aimed at achieving reconciliation and stability in Libya.

In response to France’s position on the Italian initiative backed by Washington to hold a conference on Libya, she said that Paris is aware that the political solution, under the auspices of the UN, is the only way to establish stability in a sustainable manner in Libya.

Muhll noted that this is included in the roadmap of Head of the UN mission Ghassan Salame, which is fully supported by France.

She stressed the need to adopt a constitutional basis to carry out presidential and legislative elections, which was set and approved by the main Libyan parties during Paris Conference in May, in the presence of Salame, the international community and the Security Council.

“We have been eagerly following the intention of Italy, which is a key partner in the Libyan file, to organize an international conference on Libya after the last Paris conference,” she explained in her statements on Thursday.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte seeks to organize an international conference in Libya next autumn, backed by US administration.

The announcement came after his meeting with US President Donald Trump at the White House in late July.

Source: Aawsat