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May 22, 2018 » Today News »

Moroccan ISIS terrorist confesses to recruiting members through Skype

Moroccan ISIS terrorist confesses to recruiting members through Skype

Iraqi Supreme Judicial Council spokesperson Abdulsatar Bayrakdar announced that Iraq’s Central Criminal Court confirmed the confessions of a suspected ISIS terrorist, who is wanted by Interpol.

The Moroccan national acted as a recruiter for the terrorist organization ISIS.

Bayrakdar revealed that the suspect was tasked with communicating with foreigners and recruiting them through Skype given that he speaks English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

The suspect occupied several major positions in ISIS, he added, including controlling the Idlib and Tell Abyad borders in Syria, working in ISIS’ foreign relations bureau and buying arms from the Free Syrian Army.

He also confessed that ISIS sought to acquire chemical weapons from a foreign country, but the deal failed.

Bayrakdar added that the suspect confessed to illegally entering Syria from Turkey. He then headed to Iraq, where he was arrested by security agencies and with the supervision of the central bureau of judicial investigation.

After declaring military victory against ISIS in late 2017, Iraqi authorities continue to arrest several of the group’s members. They have also issued various sentences against suspects, such as the death penalty or life imprisonment.

In April, the authorities issued death and life sentences against nine female foreign ISIS members.

Armed groups expert Hisham al Hashemi told Asharq Al-Awsat that the Iraqi security agencies recently succeeded in infiltrating ISIS positions.

He said that ISIS’ military defeat does not spell the end of the conflict, explaining that several desert regions in Iraq and Syria are safe havens for the terrorists. Cracking down on them requires more intelligence efforts.

Source: Aawsat