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September 28, 2018 » Today News »

Major terrorist attack foiled in the Netherlands

Major terrorist attack foiled in the Netherlands

The seven suspects were arrested today by anti-terrorism officers in the Netherlands.

Cops swooped on the men, who had small fire arms with them, in locations such as Arnhem and Weert.

It is reported the gang were plotting to attack a “major event in the Netherlands and there would have been many victims”.

The ringleader is said to be a 34-year-old Iraqi man who was convicted last year of trying to travel to ISIS’ battefield.

Two of the other suspects also have convictions for the same reason.

Police launched a probe in April this year after learning the Iraqi boss was planning a terrorist attack.

It is claimed the suspects would detonate a car bomb at another location during the main attack.

Dutch website Nos state the suspects were looking for automatic AK47-type guns, small arms, hand grenades and bombs.

The men, aged 21-34, were detained in four locations across the Netherlands after nearly six months of investigations by authorities.

“The suspects were in search of AK47s, hand guns, hand grenades, explosive vests and raw materials for several (car) bombs,” prosecutors said in a statement.

They will be brought before a judge tomorrow.

The arrests took place nearly a month after an Afghan man was shot by police at Amsterdam’s central station after stabbing two American tourists.

Netherland’s Public Prosecutions Service has stated the attacks were in an “advanced stage”.

Justice and security Minister Ferdinand Graphherhaus said: “The group was not so far away yet that it was almost too late, but they were quite late in the preparations.”

“In a sense, this is violent, but fortunately also good news.

“A terrorist cell was arrested and rolled up.

Source: dailystar