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May 3, 2019 » Today News »

Terrorist tries to ambush and murder Jewish motorist in Chawarah

Terrorist tries to ambush and murder Jewish motorist in Chawarah

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Eyal Wurtzburger, a resident of Itamar in Shomron, sustained only light injuries B’chasdei Hashem when terrorists on Thursday morning ambushed his vehicle while driving through Chawarah, north of Tapuach Junction, trying to kill him and the passenger. Eyal was transported to a hospital.

The vehicle was stuck in traffic and the terrorist took advantage of the situation, hurling a large stone which smashed the vehicle’s windshield. Eyal explains he was heading to Ariel to go shopping when suddenly, “a strange person approached the vehicle and hurled a bolder, and I was injured in my face and shoulder”.

He added: “I would like the Israeli government to create a deterrent that will enable us to live here as quietly as anyone in the State of Israel.”

BeChadrei Chareidim adds that an officer who saw the attack fired in the air.

This caused the terrorist, who was armed with a knife, to flee. The injured man was evacuated by ambulance to the hospital.

The passenger, seen in the video, explains that after smashing the window the terrorist approached with the knife, but the soldier fired in the air and the terrorist fled.

Yossi Dagan, head of the Shomron Regional Council, said: “The Israeli government must regain its deterrence. It cannot be that in the same area, in the same road, within a few weeks there is the same attack, stones and a knife.”

“I call on the prime minister and the defense minister, the IDF command, to restore deterrence and start acting against the Palestinian Authority, which is the one that instigates incitement in the media and sends most of the terrorist attacks in the State of Israel in recent years. We are not prepared for our residents to be abandoned. ”

Source: TYW