Terrorist organisations spread their ideologies through social media

Terrorist organisations spread their ideologies through social media

The European Centre for Counterterrorism and Intelligence Studies (ECCI) warned of terrorist and extremist organisations spreading their ideologies and recruiting new fledglings on the internet and social media websites.

The warnings come amid restrictions imposed by European countries on these groups as part of the EU’s comprehensive strategy to counter terrorism and extremism adopted in 2020.

A recent study by the ECCI said that the EU is on high alert, as the threat the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and their affiliates pose continues, especially on internet applications, where they spread ideas and penetrate societies.

The study said that the EU is preparing to face these threats that rely on modern technologies, such as the malicious use of drones, artificial intelligence, and chemical and biological materials.

The centre also warned against spreading extremist ideologies through the use of online propaganda, with the use of social media often becoming an integral part of the attack itself.

In the same context, another study issued by the centre spoke of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood’s efforts to spread their extremist agendas on applications such as ‘Fatwa’ and in closed groups in messaging apps like Telegram and Signal.

The centre also said that these extremist organisations have also successfully used the internet for logistical support, such as buying weapons and equipment.

This was facilitated by the use of these group servers and internet engines and anonymising applications such as the application ‘Tor’ to access the dark web and transfer funds using cryptocurrency that are difficult for governments to monitor.

Source: Daily News Egypt