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ISIS terrorist group publishes book on its massacres in Turkey

ISIS terrorist group publishes book on its massacres in Turkey


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The Küresel Kitap publishers has published the book concurrent with the silence of Turkey’s Justice and Development Party in Istanbul, the Arabic service of the Russia Today cited Istanbul-based al-Zaman newspaper as reporting.

The al-Zaman daily pointed to ISIL’s access to obtaining permission for publishing its book, and said that the Küresel Kitap has claimed that the book, ‘Jihad’, does not belong to the ISIL, but it has been published by the al-Qaeda.

The newspaper also disclosed that the book ‘Jihad’ has been published by Küresel Kitap in Eskodar and al-Fateh districts in Istanbul.

It noted that the ISIL’s book has also been published in Istanbul’s Baqjilar district by Step’s representative office.

The publishers of the book pointed out that they have received official permission and license for publishing the book and confirmed that publishing the book is 100 percent legal.

The publishers claimed that their main goal of publishing such books is to introduce the movements and organizations in all parts of the Muslim world to the people.

Meantime, Birjun publishers announced that Küresel Kitap has published many similar books on Jihad in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In a relevant development in early April, one of the defected members of militant groups affiliated to the Turkey-led Euphrates Shield Operation disclosed that fight against ISIL has never been the main objective of Ankara’s military operation in Northern Syria.

Yaser al-Mustafa, who has cut ties with the Euphrates Shield Operation, disclosed that “when the Turkish army forwarded us to the border town of Jarabulus under the pretext of war on ISIL we captured the town without firing even one bullet”, adding that the same adventure happened in al-Bab town in Northern Aleppo.

He further added that after the occupation of al-Bab, the Turkish government pointed the gun at the town of Manbij without any previous warning.

Al-Mustafa said Jarabulus has been turned into a Turkish town and the Turkish army has appointed a Turkish governor for it.

He said that the Turkish soldiers are now the occupiers that have “occupied Jarabulus and the Turkish army has dispatched all its allied militants to other fronts”.

In the meantime, websites affiliated to the terrorist groups reported that the Turkish government has prevented one of the rescue organizations from rendering services to the gunmen who have been relocated from al-Wa’er district in Northwestern Homs to areas near Jarabulus.

Field reports said that Turkey intends to put gunmen under pressure to persuade them to join its allied militants.

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said last week that Damascus considered the Turkish troops, remaining in Syria after the completion of the Euphrates Shield campaign was announced, as occupants.

The Syrian Ambassador said Turkey continued to occupy the Syrian territory despite announcing the end of its operation there, urging sides fighting terrorism to coordinate their actions, Sputnik reported.

“Turkey has not withdrawn its troops and we consider them occupants. Turkey announced that the operation was complete, but… Turkey has still not withdrawn its troops, it is the occupation of our territory,” Haddad said.

On March 29, the Turkish National Security Council said that the Turkish military successfully completed Operation Euphrates Shield in northern Syria.

“As for other forces… regarding the United States, as we have already said, the Syrian government agrees to unite its efforts with those, who are fighting against terrorism. But those who really want to fight against terror must coordinate their actions with the Syrian government,” the ambassador said.

The conflict in Syria has been lasting for around six years with government troops fighting against numerous opposition factions and terror organizations such as al-Nusra Front, also known as Fatah al-Sham Front and ISIL.

Source: Farsnews