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May 4, 2018 » Today News »

Terrorist recruiter’s burqa clad wife gives the ISIS salute after she refused to stand for a judge

Terrorist recruiter’s burqa clad wife gives the ISIS salute after she refused to stand for a judge

The wife of a terrorist recruiter has given the one-finger ISIS salute outside court after being found guilty of refusing to stand for a judge.

Moutia Elzahed, the wife of jailed terrorist recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi, held up her index finger – which was covered completely in a black glove – to awaiting crowds.

Wearing an ink black burqa, the 50-year-old Muslim woman walked away from the Sydney Downing Centre Court as she continued to perform the ISIS salute while her friend called journalists ‘cockroaches’.

The single finger salute of a right hand represents tawhid, a key component of Muslim religion, and signifies ‘ISIS’ violent and uncompromising posture’ towards ‘the destruction of the West’, according to Foreign Affairs.

The Muslim woman’s decision to use the ISIS salute appears to reflect the moment her husband performed the same gesture moments before he was sentenced for eight years.

Elzahed’s extremist husband, Alqudsi, who was found guilty of recruiting terrorist fighters in 2016, held up his index finger to Supreme Court Judge Christine Adamson while he stood in the dock.

The traditional Islamic gesture has been used by a number of Islamic State fighters which reportedly shows their belief towards world domination.

Elzahed is the first person in New South Wales to face the charge after she refused to rise for a judge in 2016 purportedly on religious grounds.

The 50-year-old woman was found guilty in the Downing Centre Local Court of nine counts of disrespectful behaviour in court.

The stand-off came to a head when the magistrate Carolyn Huntsman returned to the bench and ordered Elzahed to leave her seat at the back of the courtroom and approach the bar table.

‘Remain standing – you remain standing when I speak to you,’ Ms Huntsman said.

The magistrate had found Elzahed intentionally flouted the established court convention on nine separate occasions in 2016 when she remained seated in front of District Court Judge Audrey Balla.

Each offence carries a maximum jail term of 14 days and/or a $1100 fine.

Elzahed, who has no prior convictions, said she only stood for Allah, but Ms Huntsman on Friday ruled there was no evidence she was acting on a genuine religious belief or that the teachings of Islam compelled such behaviour.

The mother-of-two previously told Daily Mail Australia she did ‘nothing wrong’ and felt ‘very happy about everything’.

The woman, who is one of two wives of Alqudsi, said she refused to reveal her face in court to give evidence over an incident in 2014.

The 50-year-old’s black Islamic dress covers her entire body, including her hands, and she said only her ‘brother, husband, father or son’ can see her uncovered.

‘You are all missing the point. People who say rude things about me do not understand my beliefs,’ Elzahed said.

Last December the Australian National Imams Council said Islamic defendants have no faith-based reason not to stand before a judge or uncover their faces while giving testimony.

In 2016, Elzahed, who has two sons, had been trying to sue the state and federal governments over claims of police violence during a raid on her Sydney home two years earlier. She was ultimately unsuccessful.

Source: Daily Mail