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March 4, 2017 » Today News »

ISIS terrorists are plotting attacks on UK Jewish community

ISIS terrorists are plotting attacks on UK Jewish community

The minister told Jewish community leaders on Wednesday the group had been targeted “specifically” by jihadis in terror attacks across Europe, including in Paris and Brussels.
And she highlighted a bomb threat at a Jewish school in North London this week as evidence of the increasing number of anti-semitic hate crimes being committed in the UK.

Her warning comes amid increasing number of anti-semitic attacks recorded in the UK, with jihadis using an encrypted phone app to plot killings on Jewish schools and institutions.

Miss Rudd said: “The most significant threat to the UK and our interests comes from Daesh.

“There have been terrorist attacks on our doorstep, in France, Germany and Belgium and attacks on British people overseas.

“We’ve seen terrorists target Jews specifically in recent years including in Paris, Brussels, Toulouse and Copenhagen.

“Just last month a 16-year-old girl was charged with terrorism offences in Denmark after she was caught planning to blow up a Jewish school.

“And Daesh literature continues to identify the Jewish community as a ‘desirable and legitimate target’.”

Jihadis are using an encrypted phone app called Telegraph to recruit would-be terrorists and plot attacks on the UK.

Two messages seen by a undercover reporter called for Jews to be murdered.

Hate crimes against Jews in Britain soared to record levels last year, acoording to a shock report released earlier this month.

There were 1,309 reported incidents of anti-Semitic crimes in 2016 – up 36 per cent on the previous year.

In London alone, there were 813 – a rise of 65 per cent over 2015.

The Home Secretary’s warning comes after Max Hill, the Government’s new independent reviewer of terror legislation, said Britain was not as vulnerable to a terrorist attack since the IRA’s bombing campaigns of the 70s.

Source: /Express

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