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ISIS is transferring militants to Hama province via various routes

ISIS is transferring militants to Hama province via various routes

June 24, 2017 » Today News »

The Russian Defense Ministry disclosed that the ISIL terrorist group is deploying its militants to the Syrian Hama province using different routes and plans to organize operational headquarters and ammunition warehouses there.

“At night, taking advantage of a difficult terrain, terrorists deploy militants to the Hama province via various routes, where they plan to set up command posts in large buildings, as well as weapons and ammunition depots,” the ministry said, RIA Novosti reported.

According to the statement, the Russian troops in Syria are closely monitoring militants’ movements in the area with the use of all means of intelligence.

The ISIL has overrun a number of large territories during recent years as part of their declaration of a caliphate, especially in Syrian cities, such as Raqqa, and in Iraqi cities such as Mosul. The group is infamous for numerous violent actions, including terrorist attacks and widespread destruction of cultural heritage on the occupied territories.

In recent months, Syrian government army partially backed by some local groups has liberated dozens of settlements across the country.

Source: Farsnews