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Triumphant Resistance Fighters Trained in School of Quran: Hezbollah Official

Triumphant Resistance Fighters Trained in School of Quran: Hezbollah Official

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Sheikh Ali Damoush said that had it not been for these brave fighters trained in the school of Quranic values and ethics, the Lebanese nation’s victories over enemies would not have been accomplished.

He said that by Tawakkul (trust in God) and relying on the Quranic culture, the Lebanese resistance defeated the Zionist regime in 2000 and foiling the Israeli aggression in 2006, managed to establish a deterrent equation with the enemy.

The cleric was addressing a ceremony held to honor academics and university students who are memorizers of the Quran.

The resistance that confronted the enemy, defended Lebanon and thwarted wars and military aggressions, stands at the front line to confront and thwart a war of another kind, namely the economic war, the financial crisis, and the living one, which the US is working to exploit and continue in order to pressure the Lebanese people and impose its dictates on them and achieve political gains, he further said.

Sheikh Damoush said that since the beginning of the crisis, Hezbollah did not stand by to watch the pain and suffering of the Lebanese, but rather rushed to address them through various steps.

He noted that the resistance movement initiated a courageous decision to bring in diesel fuel from Iran for public use.

Sheikh Damoush further called for vigilance against enemy plots that seek to undermine unity and accord in Lebanon.

He went on to say that the experience of past decades shows that wars, aggressions and pressures targeting the Lebanese resistance and society have always ended in failure and this latest one will also, God willing, face defeat.

Source: iqna

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