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Tunisian security arrests 3 pro ISIS extremists

Tunisian security arrests 3 pro ISIS extremists

July 4, 2018 » Today News

Anti-terrorism police in Tunisia arrested three takfiri members in the Sidi Bouzid region on suspicion of having ties with extremists outside the country.

The Tunisian Ministry of Interior said Tuesday that a patrol arrested the three suspects, whose ages range between 25 and 33, and confiscated 1,000 dinars in their possession.

A search of one of their mobile phones revealed social media messages that were exchanged with a number of takfiri members living inside and outside Tunisia, revealed the ministry.

It added that several pictures of ISIS leaders were also saved on the telephone.

The investigation with the detainees is being carried out by the concerned counter-terrorism unit and they will later be referred to the judiciary.

Source: aawsat