Türkiye warns 3rd parties in its fight against PKK/YPG terror group, says FM

Türkiye warns 3rd parties in its fight against PKK/YPG terror group, says FM

Türkiye has warned third parties and is taking the necessary steps in its fight against the PKK/YPG terrorist group, Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan said Monday.

Speaking before the Grand National Assembly of Türkiye’s Planning and Budget Committee during budget discussions related to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fidan said Türkiye also closely monitors the overseas activities of the Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO).

The fact that FETO also functions as an intelligence and crime network is conveyed to the relevant parties, he said.

The increasing activities of FETO in Africa and its presence in Afghanistan are monitored in collaboration with international actors, he added.

Türkiye also carried out significant anti-terror operations both domestically and internationally against the Daesh/ISIS terrorist group, Fidan said.

Türkiye-US relations
Türkiye’s diplomatic contacts with the US administration have continued throughout 2023, Fidan said.

During talks between the two sides, Türkiye said the cooperation between the US and the PKK/YPG terror group as well as the presence of the FETO terror group in the US are not in line with the spirit of alliance, he said.

The Turkish side has repeatedly emphasized that the US needs to take concrete steps to correct its misguided approach on issues directly affecting Türkiye’s national security, he noted.

“We have raised our expectation for the prompt conclusion of our request for F-16 (fighter jet) procurement and modernization without any conditions and restrictions at every level.

“Moreover, we continue to collaborate with the US on various regional and global issues where we share common interests,” he added.

Russia-Ukraine War
Türkiye has continued efforts to reduce the regional and global impacts of the Russia-Ukraine war without slowing down in 2023, the Turkish foreign minister said.

“Throughout the active period of the (Black Sea Grain) Initiative, we facilitated the delivery of approximately 33 million tons of grain products to the world.”

Emphasizing their focus on the revival of the Black Sea grain deal, Fidan said that “utilizing the direct communication channels we maintain with Russia, we continue our efforts for the war to conclude on the basis of a fair peace.”

The Black Sea grain deal was brokered by the UN and Türkiye in 2022 to ensure the safe passage of Ukraine’s agricultural exports from its southern Black Sea ports.

The deal enabled the shipment of 33 million tons of grain products to world markets, averting a global food crisis.

But earlier this year, Russia refused to extend the agreement, complaining that the West has not met its obligations and that there were still restrictions on its own food and fertilizer exports.

Countering terrorism in Syria, Iraq
Türkiye prioritizes eliminating the terrorist threat in Syria, especially the PKK/YPG and Daesh/ISIS terror groups, Fidan said.

Saying that some countries continue to support the PKK/YPG under the pretext of combating Daesh/ISIS, he said: “We repeatedly stress that this is a strategic mistake and relying on legitimate partners in the fight against the ISIS terror group is essential.”

Highlighting that Türkiye continues its fight against the PKK terrorist organization and its affiliates in Iraq without slowing down, Fidan said his country does not hesitate to implement the necessary security measures when deemed necessary

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