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Uma Manukova

Born: 1997;

Place of Birth: Dagestan, Russia;

Gender: Female;

Nationality: Russian;

General Info:
Uma Manukova is a Russian woman that was smuggled into Turkey by Islamic State terrorists in Idlib for $150.

Manukova, who was born in Dagestan in 1977, came to Turkey in 2015 with the aim of entering Syria so that she could freely practice her religion in the Islamic State.

After being welcomed by an Islamic State member at the airport in Istanbul, Manukova spent five days in a safe house before she was brought to the border city of Gaziantep, and she was able to enter Syria days later.

Manukova married a Russian Islamic State member named Danil Abdullaev in January 2016 and had a son named Mucahid.

In 2019, Manukova decided to surrender to the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and left her husband.

She was kept in a camp until September 1, 2020, when she managed to escape, hiding in a water tanker, to Idlib, where she found smugglers who could facilitate her illegal entry into Turkey.

Manukova was lying when she said in her statement that she received no religious or military training during the time she spent as an Islamic State member and that she didn’t know anything about the militant group’s leaders and members, financial structure, activities or cells in Turkey.

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