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U.S. Government confirms the new aircraft cybersecurity move amid the terrorism fears

U.S. Government confirms the new aircraft cybersecurity move amid the terrorism fears

October 1, 2019 » Today News »

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Aircraft security is under the spotlight after the U.S. government confirmed a move to protect citizens from cyberattacks targeting aviation. It comes amid growing concern that aviation is a major target for terrorists, who could use cyberattacks to threaten planes and passengers.

The Department of Home Security is leading the revived program alongside the Pentagon and Transportation Department that aims to test airliners’ vulnerability to hacking, according to the Wall Street Journal. Few details are available, but DHS confirmed that the program would include testing actual aircraft for vulnerabilities.

The program is focusing on protecting the electronic systems of new and old airliners from cyberattacks. Concerns have been growing after cyberattacks on other connected so-called critical infrastructure such as power grids. A U.S. government program is in place to focus on power grids via the SEIA Bill, which mandates the use of specific technologies to help protect the systems underpinning them.

The issue of airplane security is certainly being taken very seriously. Separately, the U.S. Air Force will also be taking a bigger role in identifying security problems in commercial aviation systems–many of which are used by the military.

“If we don’t probe first, our adversaries will,” Will Roper, assistant secretary for acquisition, technology, and logistics, told the Wall Street Journal. “We’ve been a little complacent in not trying to attack all of the parts of the airplane.”

Source: Forbes