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US plane crash adds to the Afghan war crisis and raising the Talibani threats

US plane crash adds to the Afghan war crisis and raising the Talibani threats


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Afghan War, which started back in 2001, after the British and American armed forces overpowered the al-Qaeda, to halt its growing influence in the country, has continued ever since. Though there has been a significant reduction in the training camps set up by al-Qaeda in Afghanistan, the war-like situations have only heightened over the time.

The world forces have together contributed in Afghanistan to try and build a stable nation, though the US, on many occasions, has simultaneously deployed and ordered withdrawal of troops from the region, taking into consideration the new methods to get over the crisis.

Since then, innumerable events of clashes and violent attacks on the deployed US troops have added to the Afghan War. A coalition of over 40 countries, including NATO members, who have formed a security mission in the country, have not been able to improve the situation. Troops are battling against Talibani insurgents, who reflect a greater aim of re-establishing al-Qaeda in Afghanistan.

While, the US claims that the intervention was necessary to end Talibani threats in and around the country, the military organization has re-organized itself on its every downfall, escalating violence from time to time. Today, it is the largest single group fighting against the Afghan government and foreign troops in the country. Tens of thousands of people have been killed in the Afghan War, including ISAF soldiers, civilian contractors, Afghan national security forces and of course the Talibani.

Not only has the Afghan War prompted fear amongst the civilians but also brought huge condemnation from the world leaders, with many calling for strict measures to bring peace in Afghanistan. On Monday, the crash of a US plane, in one of the eastern provinces of Afghanistan Ghazni, induced a series of conflicting comments and reports, with many calling it Taliban’s doing. Some of the Afghan service members headed towards the site of the plane crash to study more details about the wreckage.

The US officials claimed that the plane suffered some mechanical problems, which could be one of the reasons of the crash. The whereabouts of the plane stated it was a US Bombardier E-11A, with two people on board, both of whom died in the crash. But the Talibani insurgents have a very different description as they said that insurgents with the group shot down the plane, carrying the CIA officials on board.

A spokesman for the Taliban, Zabihullah Mujahid referred to the plane on Twitter as an “enemy intelligence aircraft” and said the bodies of the intelligence officials were still lying near the crash site in the Sado Khelo region of Ghazni.

The claims have not yet been confirmed, but the question whether there really is a possibility of such an action, since the militant groups’ involvement in battles have continuously risen. Col. William “Sonny” Leggett, spokesman for the US troops in Afghanistan, stated there were no indications to prove that the crash was caused by enemy fire.

As Taliban claimed credit for downing the plane in Ghazni, the question is how did they do that? Considering the lack of anti-aircraft weapons, it appears that through taking the credit, Taliban plans to evoke the US sentiments and spread fear amongst people.

The confusion surrounding the plane crash in Ghazni province has once again drawn worldwide attention towards the greater cause, i.e. Afghan War. As Ghazni stands between the epicenter of friction between the Afghan military and the Taliban, it has a history of continued attacks that have killed many civilians and forces. At present, the proposed peace talks and suggestions have largely stagnated, while protests against the brutal killings have become the very essence of the Afghanis’ survival.

Source: Ask Truth

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