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Wafiq Safa

Born: 01 September 1960; alt. 17 March 1965;

Place of Birth: Zibdin, Lebanon; alt. Zubaydah al-Jonubi, Lebanon; alt. Rayhan, Lebanon;

Gender: Male;

National ID No.: 494606 (Lebanon); alt. 000012505210 (Lebanon);

Address: Lebanon;

Known also as: Wafic Safa; Wafiq ‘Abd-al-Husayn Safa; Wafiq Ahmad Safa; Hessam Badr Al-Din; Ali Wahib Al-Zain.


Safa is in charge of Hizballah’s Liaison and Coordination Unit and is responsible for Hizballah’s coordination with the international community and with Lebanese security agencies. Safa was appointed by Hizballah Secretary General Nasrallah in 1987 as the head of the Security Committee, which was later renamed the Liaison and Coordination Unit. As one of Hizballah’s prominent leaders, Safa is a part of Hizballah Secretary General Nasrallah’s inner circle.

As the head of Hizballah’s security apparatus, Safa has exploited Lebanon’s ports and border crossings to smuggle contraband and facilitate travel on behalf of Hizballah. For example, Hizballah leveraged Safa to facilitate the passage of items, including illegal drugs and weapons, into the port of Beirut, Lebanon. Hizballah specifically routed certain shipments through Safa to avoid scrutiny. Additionally, as of 2018, Hizballah facilitated favors at the Beirut airport. Safa also facilitated travel for Hizballah associates through a border crossing.

Safa also has ties to Hizballah associates and financiers. Safa maintained a close relationship with Hizballah financier Adham Tabaja. Additionally, Safa and Ra’d maintained a list of a hundred Hizballah members who were to acquire foreign citizenship. With these passports, these individuals would be sent by Hizballah on long-term missions to Arab and Western countries.

In 2010, there were internal Hizballah accusations of corruption involving Safa, however, Hizballah has since continued to allow him to maintain a prominent role in the organization. Safa was accused of smuggling, other crimes, and immoral behavior.

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