Wagner boss Prigozhin takes Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Make US great’ for Russia

Wagner boss Prigozhin takes Donald Trump’s slogan ‘Make US great’ for Russia

The private mercenary Wagner’s chief Evgeny Prigozhin who attempted to revolt against the top Russian leadership has vowed in Donald Trump’s style to make Russia great as his group is recruiting new people and helping the African continent to what he called “become even more free”, according to a report by RT Monday.

While speaking in his new video — which was reportedly filmed in Africa — he was wearing military attire alongside several gunmen, likely Wagner mercenaries, with military equipment shown in the background.
Evgeny Prigozhin reportedly said: “The Wagner Group conducts reconnaissance and search activities. Making Russia even greater on all continents! And Africa even more free. Justice and happiness for all the African peoples.”

He also added: “Wagner group has been pursuing [Daesh], Al-Qaeda, and other bandits.”

“Wagner is hiring real heroes,” the Russian billionaire boss of the mercenary company said while claiming that it continues “to fulfil the tasks that were set and to which we made a promise that we could handle,” without properly explaining and providing details about the tasks.

The video statement emerged nearly two months after the Wagner boss marched his troops to Moscow in an apparent attempt to seize power and remove the top leadership of the nuclear-armed country.

He also captured some of the military sites in Rostov city as images at that time revealed that the mercenary troops walking and interacting with the common people.
Eventually, after a hawkish address by President Vladimir Putin who pledged to put an end to the rebellion, Prigozhin ceased his march and closed a deal with the Russian authorities mediated by President of Belarus Alexzander Lukashenko.

As part of the deal, Wagner troops were then provided Belarusian ground to the station.

As the troops entered the Russian ally’s territory, another neighbour of both countries Poland started to voice concerns about the presence of the Wagner troops who were accused of breaching the border of Poland.

Minsk in response rejected the allegations as Lukashenko claimed that Warsaw had “gone mad” with all the speculation surrounding Wagner.

Source » thenews.com.pk