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Walid Talib Zughayr Al-Rawi

Born: 11 November 1988;

Gender: Male;

Nationality: Iraq;

Passport: A11071541;

E-mail: waleed198811@gmail.com;

Phone Number: 9647807890955; alt. 96407707840824; alt. 9647720364973;

Address: Baghdad, Iraq;

Known also as: Walid Talib Zughayr Al-Hashimi; Waleed Talib Zghayir Karhout Al-Rawi; Waleed Talib Zghair Zghair; Walid Talib Zghyr; Abu Khalid Al-Rawi.


Mushtaq moved money for ISIS out of al-Qa’im, Iraq and Samsun, Turkey. However, Mushtaq’s brother, Walid, was purportedly the brains behind the finance operation.

On October 9, 2018 the Iraq Counterterrorism Service (CTS) conducted a warrant-based arrest of Walid to disrupt the ISIS financial network.

Mushtaq and Walid started in the money exchange business when sanctions were placed on Iraq’s oil exports in the 1990s.

Walid has held money from numerous relatives and associates. These individuals were investing in Walid’s various enterprises, to include Walid’s numerous GOI contracts.

These individuals were given a certain rate of return or interest on their investment. Mushtaq investe $900,000 with Walid. Moreover, Mushtaq had Walid transfer money to two gold shops in the Gulf.

Walid transferred these funds approximately three times per month, totaling $100,000, and started sending money to these gold shops for approximately one year prior to Walid’s detention on October 9, 2018.

Walid informed an unidentified individual of nearly $3.9 million in financial transactions for funds sent to entities in Iraq and the Gulf from early December 2017 through early July 2018.

The unidentified individual noted that at least $700,000 was deposited for Mushtaq as of February 2018.

Walid maintained accounts and records for Mushtaq.

Walid, also handled transfers to and from a Gulf-based exchange on behalf of Umar as well as Umar’s investments in unspecified businesses. Umar has $500,000 invested with Walid.

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