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Woman from Sakhnin gets 4 years for joining ISIS terrorist group with her family

Woman from Sakhnin gets 4 years for joining ISIS terrorist group with her family

Sabrin Zubeidat joined ISIS with her husband and three children two years ago; the family was turned over to Israel by Turkish authorities in the summer after leaving Iraq and trying to return home.Sabrin Zubeidat, an Israeli Arab woman from Sakhnin, was sentenced on Tuesday to four years in prison for joining ISIS with her husband and children.
Zubeidat was convicted of belonging to a terrorist organization, illegal association and contact with a foreign agent. In addition to her prison sentence, Zubeidat is also required to pay a fine of NIS 8,000 ($2,200).
In June 2015, Sabrin and her husband travelled to Turkey via Romania. Once in Turkey, the couple and their three children crossed into Syria and successfully joined ISIS.

After handing over their Israeli passports, Sabrin’s husband, Wissam, was sent for ideological indoctrination and combat training in Mosul, Iraq. Sabrin earned an allowance from ISIS and had a job operating security cameras at a hospital.
In July, the family decided to go back to Israel via Syria and Turkey and crossed the border from Iraq to Syria.
It took the family ten attempts to successfully enter Turkey from Syria, where they were detained by Turkish border officers and turned over to Israel.
Judge Avraham Elyakim ruled that “in her actions, the defendant seriously harmed the security of the state and the public.”
Furthermore, Elyakim referred to the treatment of Zubeidat’s children, saying, “Her actions caused serious damage to her children. Instead of ensuring her three, six and eight year old children were going to school, she took them to a war zone.
“Her decision to cross the border between Syria and Turkey, during which the defendant and her husband made ten attempts to cross with their children without food or water for days on end, caused them serious harm.”
In reading her sentence, Elyakim said the defendant “didn’t join an organization that dealt with study and prayer, but rather an extremist organization that leads to death and destruction and that is prepared to do serious harm to the State of Israel and its citizens.”
Source: /Ynetnews

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