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Nils Donath

Nils Donath is a German national who was sentenced to 10 years behind bars for murder. He tortured a man to death at a prison run...

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Taha Al Jumailly

Taha Al Jumailly is a 27-year-old Iraqi man who is being tried on charges of genocide and murdering the child from Iraq's Yazidi minority who he held as a slave.

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Jennifer Wenisch

Jennifer Wenisch is a German woman who joined the Islamic State group to ten years in prison over the war crime of letting a five-year-old Yazidi "slave" girl...

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Abu Walaa

Abu Walaa is a 37-year-old Iraqi citizen and notorious preacher of membership in and supporting the Islamic State terrorist organisation. It is said to be Islamic State’s de facto leader in Germany.

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Assadollah Assadi

Assadollah Assadi is an Iranian diplomat convicted for attempted terrorist murder and participation in the activities of a terrorist group. He contested all the charges against him and has claimed diplomatic status.

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Azzo Halaf Soleiman Al Aggal

The police and the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) detained a Islamic State terrorist who provided the group explosives for the 2016 Sultanahmet terrorist attack and the 2015 Suruc bombing. He was determined to have worked with Mahir Al Aggal (Abu Bera)[...]

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Abdullah Ahh

Abdullah Ahh is a young Syrian Islamic State supporter has been arrested after stabbing a German tourist to death and injuring another. He was arrested after the attack in the eastern German city of Dresden on October 4. Prosecutors said they[...]

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