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Myrna Ajijul Mabanza

Mabanza passed the licensing test for elementary school teachers in November 2012, according to the Manila-based Professional Regulation Commission. Myrna was involved in the January 2016 transfer of $107,000 to Isnilon Hapilon (now deceased), the leader of the Marawi siege. The[...]

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Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh Mohammed was a member of Osama bin Laden's al-Qaeda organization, leading al-Qaeda's propaganda operations from around 1999 until late 2001. Mohammed confessed to masterminding the 11 September attacks, the Richard Reid shoe bombing attempt to blow up an airliner (this[...]

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Abu Bakar Ba’asyir

In a speech following the Bali attacks Bashir stated, "I support Osama bin Laden's struggle because his is the true struggle to uphold Islam." He is portrayed strongly in Western media as an extremist who inspires deadly actions. He stated his[...]

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