GFATF-Mahmoud Hosnizadeh

Mahmoud Hosnizadeh

Commands on field the network which smuggles USD from Iraq, benefit the IRGC.


United General Offshore SAL

United General Offshore SAL was one of several subsidiaries held by United General Holding. It was incorporated in Lebanon and also operated in Iraq.


Focus Company

United General Holding owns 51 percent of Focus Company SARL. Ahmad Abdallah-owned United General Holding holds several subsidiaries, including Focus Company SARL, one of...


Al Moukhtar Products Company

Al Moukhtar Products Co. SARL (Al Moukhtar) was one of several subsidiaries of United General Holding. United General Holding owns 80 percent of Al-Moukhtar.


Ali Reda Abdallah

Ali Reda Abdallah, Ahmad Abdallah’s other brother, coordinated closely with Ahmad Abdallah in 2020 to further their investment...


Idris Ali Awad al-Fay

Idris al-Fay, who is currently in Iraqi custody, used the Turkey-based Al-Fay Company to facilitate the global distribution of currency on behalf of ISIS