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Lawsuits by U.S. victims accuse top Qatar banks and charity of financing terror activities in Israel

U.S. victims of extremist violence in Israel allege that three of Qatar’s leading financial institutions have secretly funneled millions of dollars to Palestinian groups responsible for killing Americans, accusing a key U.S. ally in the Middle East of duplicity. In U.S.[...]

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Afghan President Ghani wants Taliban to help fight against the Islamic State

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani wants Taliban fighters to integrate into the country’s armed forces and join efforts to eliminate Islamic State militants, the first clear indication of the government’s vision for its defense and security apparatus if peace talks in Qatar[...]

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Qatar funds Hezbollah arsenal through the gold markets of Uganda

Qatar operated a funding network for arms shipments from Europe to Hezbollah using gold shipments traded through Africa, according the latest revelations on the country's relationship with the militia. The Austrian-based think tank Mena-Watch published details on Tuesday of high-ranking Qatari[...]

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Hamas official: Governments of Turkey, Iran and Qatar may conclude a political and economic pact

The governments of Turkey, Iran, and Qatar may conclude a political and economic pact, Hamas spokesman Khaled al-Qaddumi told Tehran Times. The region desperately needs a strong front to counter foreign interference, he said. Turkey, Iran, Qatar, and anyone who wants[...]

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US government team traveled to Qatar to probe its alleged finance of Hezbollah terrorist group

A team of US government officials traveled on Wednesday to Qatar amid intense international coverage of the monarchy’s alleged role in financing the Lebanese terrorist movement, Hezbollah. The Saudi Arabia government-owned news outlet Al Arabiya reported on Wednesday that “the United[...]

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