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The Islamic State is seeking a possible resurgence

Some assessments suggest it has increased its manpower and resources while opposing foreign forces have withdrawn or downsized their capabilities. This has been particularly noticeable in Iraq where France, Spain and the Netherlands have announced that they would temporarily withdraw their[...]

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Boko Haram terrorist group funded and inspired by Osama Bin Laden?

The Algerian civil war, Sahelian camps, Saudi networks; an American academic describes a Nigerian jihad with a regional focus, long before the emergence of the Islamic state in West Africa. Was Boko Haram a local and Nigerian jihadist movement? Or has[...]

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Saudi Arabian authorities welcome Germany’s decision to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization

Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs welcomed Germany’s decision to enlist Hezbollah as a terrorist organization and ban them from the country, state news agency SPA reported on Thursday. This is an important step in the international battle against terrorism and[...]

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Turkish ambassador to Qatar assisted one-time al-Qaeda financier with citizenship applications

Secret wiretaps have revealed that Fikret Özer, the Turkish ambassador to Qatar and former consul general in the Saudi city of Jeddah, had assisted Saudi businessman Yasin al-Qadi and his family members acquire Turkish citizenship. Yasin al-Qadi is an Egyptian-born Saudi[...]

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