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Ramadan Abdallah

Shallah was a founding members of the PIJ, and since 1995 he has been the Secretary-General and a leader of the group, which is based in Damascus, Syria. As such, he has been involved in a pattern of racketeering activities such[...]

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Jammal Trust Bank S.A.L.

Hizballah has used accounts at Jammal Trust to pay its operatives and their families, and Jammal Trust has actively attempted to conceal its banking relationship with numerous wholly owned Martyrs Foundation subsidiaries. When opening purportedly "personal accounts" at Jammal Trust, Al-Qard[...]

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Abdelatif Gaini

Abdelatif and Siddhartha Dhar are members of ISIS. Gaini is believed to be fighting for ISIS in the Middle East. He has a connection to United Kingdom-based ISIS sympathizers Mohamad Ali Ahmed and Humza Ali, who were convicted in the U.K.[...]

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Siddhartha Dhar

Dhar was born and raised in the UK in a Hindu family, but converted to Islam to marry his Muslim wife Aisha, and changed his name to Abu Rumaysah. He and Abdelatif Gaini are members of ISIS. Dhar acted as spokesman[...]

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Abdullah Ibrahim Al-Faisal

Al-Faisal is a Muslim cleric who preached in the United Kingdom until he was convicted of stirring up racial hatred and urging his followers to murder Jews, Hindus, Christians, and Americans, in English and Arabic language tapes of speeches, to his[...]

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