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Aqsa Mahmood

United Kingdom national Mahmood is an ISIL recruiter and member of an ISIL all-female police unit, who as of 2015, used social media to lure foreigners, especially Western women, to travel to Syria and join ISIL. In February 2015, Mahmood helped[...]

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Rustam Aselderov

Aselderov is a former commander of the North Caucasus extremist group Caucasus Emirate, and the current leader of ISIL-CP (The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant – Caucasus Province). He defected from Caucasus Emirate, and swore allegiance to Abu Bakr[...]

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Abu Ubaydah Yusuf Al-Anabi

Al-Anabi is an Algerian al-Qa’ida in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) member. He is the leader of AQIM’s Council of Notables and serves as AQIM’s Media Chief. In an April 25, 2013 video, al-Anabi called for armed conflict by violent extremists against[...]

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Nasser Muthana

Before joining ISIS, Nasser, also goes by the name Abu Muthana Al Yemeni, had been on track to study medicine, and had received offers to study at four U.K. universities. Nasser and his brother Aseel were considered representative of the group’s[...]

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Aseel Muthana

In July 2014, Aseel Muthana, via an online question and answer session, gave guidance to an individual interested in joining ISIL, inviting the individual to contact him directly via a social media service so that Aseel Muthana could help him join[...]

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Akhmed Chatayev

Chatayev is believed to have been involved in recruiting fighters for IS. As of mid-2015, Chatayev was a member of ISIL and was part of a group of militants that was planning attacks against U.S. and Turkish facilities. He is commander[...]

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