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Awso Peshdary

Awso Peshdary, born in Canada in 1990 to a family of Pakistani descent, is a major Islamic State recruiter and financier who is sending money to the terrorist group and recruiting Canadians to fight for the Islamic State in Syria.

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Tojiddin Nazarov

Also known as Abu Osama Noraki, Nazarov is considered by the Tajik authorities to be among the most dangerous Islamic State recruiters from Tajikistan. Authorities say his recruitment efforts attracted dozens of Tajiks who joined the extremist group.

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Abu Ilias al-Swissri (Daniel D.)

Born in Geneva to Swiss and Spanish parents, Daniel D is Switzerland’s most dangerous jihadist by counter-terrorism experts after leaving Switzerland in 2015 to join Islamic State terrorist group. He was reportedly captured by Syrian forces in June of last year[...]

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Parviz Saidrahmonov

Parviz Saidrahmonov, also known as Abu Daoud, is a notorious Islamic State recruiter who has been linked to terrorist attacks in Sweden, Russia, and Tajikistan. He was one of the first Central Asians to join the Islamic State in 2014 and[...]

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Fatah Abdullah

Fatah Abdullah is an Kurdish asylum seeker who tried to incite a German terror cell to carry out a mass attack by driving into a crowd and then hacking down the survivors with a meat cleaver. Abdullah was smuggled into Britain[...]

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Talal Hamiyah

Talal Hamiyah is the head of Hezbollah’s External Security Organization (ESO), which maintains organized terrorist cells worldwide. The ESO is the Hezbollah element responsible for the planning, coordination, and execution of terrorist attacks outside of Lebanon. The attacks have primarily targeted[...]

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Varvara Karaulova

Varvara Karaulova is a Russian supporter of the radical Islamic views, and she decided to participate in the activities of the Islamic State terrorist organization but she was detained on her way to Syria. Karaulova, who had changed her name to[...]

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