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Matin Azizi-Yarand

Matin Azizi-Yarand is a former Plano high school student was sentenced Monday to 20 years in state prison after pleading guilty to an Islamic State-inspired plot to commit mass murder at a Collin County mall. He discussed his plans with an[...]

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Abdullah Basith

Abdullah Basith, arrested by the National Investigation Agency in August last year for his alleged links with Islamic State terror modules, was in regular touch with Matin Azizi-Yarand, a US teen who was arrested by the FBI in May 2018. Basith[...]

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Sidi Ahmed Ghlam

Sidi Ahmed Ghlam is a 29-year-old Algerian man, charged for murder and attempted terrorist murder. He is facing life in prison for killing a woman and trying to bomb a church near Paris the capital city of France. Ghlam testified at[...]

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Hawazen Sameer Mothafar

Hawazen Sameer Mothafar is an Oregon man charged from supporting the Islamic State terrorist group by distributing articles on how to kill and maim with a knife and encouraging readers to carry out attacks. Between February 2015 until the time of[...]

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Naweed Ali

Naweed Ali is a British national from Sparkhill, Birmingham who was arrested on August 26, 2016 - after undercover police and MI5 agents found a bag stuffed with a partially constructed pipe bomb, an imitation gun and a meat cleaver with[...]

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Kujtim Fejzulai

Kujtim Fejzulai was Islamic State terrorist who launched terrorist attack on drinkers near a synagogue in the Austrian capital of Vienna. He had Albanian roots and his parents were originally from North Macedonia. He also dual citizenship of Austria and North[...]

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Brahim Aouissaoui

Aouissaoui is a 21-year-old Tunisian, originally from the village of Sidi Omar Bouhajla near Kairouan, but had lately been living in Sfax. He reportedly was carrying an Italian Red Cross identity document that was issued after his arrival in Lampedusa, an[...]

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