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Terrorism FinanciersTerror Financiers

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  • Iyad Ag Ghaly
    Iyad ag Ghali was leader of Ansar al-Dine (AAD), an organization operating in Mali which[...]
  • Joe Asperman
    Joe Asperman is believed to have been born in the Cannes region on France's southern,[...]
  • Ahmad Alkhald
    Alkhald is an ISIS bomb-maker responsible for the deaths of numerous civilians in Europe. He[...]
  • Oussama Ahmad Atar
    Atar is a senior leader of ISIS’s external operations efforts and has established a network[...]
  • Abu Anas Al-Ghandour
    Al-Ghandour is a Hamas military commander. He leads a Hamas brigade in Gaza, has served[...]
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Terrorist GroupsThreats

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  • Mohamed Achamlane
    Mohamed Achamlane, the self-proclaimed emir of Morocco, who was born in Nantes, France in 1977[...]
  • Forsane Alizza
    Forsane Alizza has an extreme Salafist ideology and is skilled in sophisticated, provocative propaganda videos[...]
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