Terror Financiers

Ghazi Nasr al Din

Ghazi Nasr Al-Din is a Lebanese Venezuelan who served as charge d'affaires of the Venezuelan Embassy in Damascus, Syria and is accused of assisting Hezbollah.


Mohamed Moustafa Kalash

Mohamed Moustafa Kalash is listed as a shareholder in two of the OFAC sanctioned companies: United General Holding SAL, United General Offshore SAL


United General Offshore SAL

United General Offshore SAL was one of several subsidiaries held by United General Holding. It was incorporated in Lebanon and also operated in Iraq.


United General Holding

Hussein Attia is a senior manager at United General Holding, which served as a holding company for numerous businesses owned or controlled by Ahmad Abdallah.


Focus Company

United General Holding owns 51 percent of Focus Company SARL. Ahmad Abdallah-owned United General Holding holds several subsidiaries, including Focus Company SARL, one of...


Al Moukhtar Products Company

Al Moukhtar Products Co. SARL (Al Moukhtar) was one of several subsidiaries of United General Holding. United General Holding owns 80 percent of Al-Moukhtar.


Joseph Haidamous

Joseph Ilya Haidamous (Joseph Haidamous), another senior employee of Ahmad Abdallah, helped him establish new businesses...


Hussein Reda Abdallah

When accounts were opened for several of Ahmad Abdallah’s businesses, his brother Hussein Reda Abdallah was one of the associates given power of attorney for...


Hussein Attia

Ahmad Abdallah used his senior employees, including Hussein Kamel Attia (Hussein Attia), to establish businesses throughout the Middle East on behalf of Hezbollah.