Private Financiers


Naser Hasan Neser

Naser Hasan Neser is Hezbollah financier, representative at “Audit and Accounting Company”, involved in weapon procurement for Hezbollah.

GFATF-Gholamreza Abdul Hossein Abaziri

Gholamreza Abdul Hossein Abaziri

Gholamreza Abdul Hossein Abaziri is cultural advisor of the Iranian Embassy in Iraq, works closely with Quds Force.

GFATF-Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadegh

Mohammad Kazem Al-Sadegh

Iranian ambassador in Iraq. Former commander at one of the units of Quds Force. He used to be the first deputy of Iraj Masjedi, the...

GFATF-Mustafa Pakbatan

Mustafa Pakbatan

Quds Force operative, deployed at the Iranian embassy in Iraq. Receives the USD from exchange offices in Iraq after issuing a money deposit certificate in...

GFATF-Mahmoud Hosnizadeh

Mahmoud Hosnizadeh

Commands on field the network which smuggles USD from Iraq, benefit the IRGC.

GFATF-Mohammad Tajan Jari

Mohammad Tajan Jari

He commands from Iran the operation of smuggling tens of millions of USD from Iraq to IRGC accounts in Iran with the cooperation of the...

GFATF LLL Reza Hashem Safieddine

Reza Hashem Safieddine

Hezbollah and Quds Force smuggling apparatus. He arranges weapon shipments from Iran to Damascus on civilian flights and then arranges their transportation and delivery to...

GFATF LLL Rayyan Moukalled

Rayyan Moukalled

Rayyan Moukalled worked in 2021 with Hizballah official Muhammad Qasim al-Bazzal on issues related to finance. Rayyan functioned as an office assistant for his father...

GFATF LLL Rani Moukalled

Rani Moukalled

As of mid-2022, Rani Moukalled and his brother Rayyan Moukalled were among several individuals authorized by their father, Hassan Moukalled, to engage in cash transactions...

GFATF LLL Seyed Hojatollah Ghoreishi

Seyed Hojatollah Ghoreishi

He has led Iran’s military research and development efforts and was responsible for negotiating Iran’s agreement with Russia for the supply of Iranian UAVs for...

GFATF LLL Hassan Ahmed Moukalled

Hassan Ahmed Moukalled

Hezbollah financier and financial advisor. key figure in its mechanism of money exchange