About Us

We are concerned citizens, who seek to fight global terrorism by exposing and eliminating its funding sources . We are deeply worried of the expansion of radical elements, who choose to terrorize civilian populations and subvert democracy and freedom , by the use of physical, sexual and verbal violence. The threat of terrorism wears different forms, and we aim to expose them to the world, and to suggest ways to counter terrorist activities.

Our Project

Violent and extremist groups are sometimes supported by allegedly legitimate organizations and businessmen. We believe that locating and exposing those financing terrorist organizations is an effective way to harm such organizations. Therefore, we have started Live and Let Live / Global fight against terrorism funding as a long-term project, which aims to bring to the public and to decision makers the necessary information about persons, institutions, companies and countries that contribute to the spread of global terrorism. The world needs to know the truth about terror – how it operates and who enables it. On this website, you will find the most updated information – including names, numbers and other relevant details – assembled by international experts, regarding who stands behind the finances of groups such as (but not limited to) the Islamic State, Boko Haram, Hizbullah, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, thus allowing their continued terrorist activities.

Our Vision

Terrorist activities harm innocent citizens, including children who are both injured, killed and kidnapped by terrorists, and are also recruited by militants who exploit them for violent purposes. Violent groups are allegedly being supported by and connected to legitimate power factors, which provide them with power and influence. We wish our children to grow in a better society and in a nonviolent world, free of the threat of terror, whatever its origin or creed may be.