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Salman Raouf Salman

More recently, Salman was identified as the Hizballah operative who served as the handler for the designated Mohammed Hamdar, who was arrested by Peruvian counterterrorism police in October 2014 for planning a terrorist operation in Peru. At the time of his[...]

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Wafiq Safa

Safa is in charge of Hizballah's Liaison and Coordination Unit and is responsible for Hizballah’s coordination with the international community and with Lebanese security agencies. Safa was appointed by Hizballah Secretary General Nasrallah in 1987 as the head of the Security[...]

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Muhammad Hasan Raad

Ra’d also is the head of Hizballah’s Parliamentary Council, which consists of Hizballah Members of Parliament, and oversees how the Loyalty to the Resistance Bloc operates. Additionally, this council ensures that parliamentary representatives, such as Ra’d and Sherri, carry out Shura[...]

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