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Who Is Who in The Zoo

GFATF LLL Qassim Abdallah Ali Ahmed
GFATF LLL Ahmad Shams El-Din
GFATF LLL Muhammad Haj Musa
GFATF LLL Abu Ali al Assad
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Hamas “culture of rape” evident also in Europe – don’t be surprised

Your Emails 18Jun GFATF

Mesmerizing testimony of a Gaza citizens last moments.

Your Emails 2023 GFATF
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Iranian Archi-Terrorists

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GFATF-Ali Salehi

Ali Salehi

A veteran Quds Force operative, formerly active in Germany with several contacts ...

GFATF-Amrallah Azizi

Amrallah Azizi

Quds Force operative. Azizallah Jamali is a valued veteran Quds Force operative. ...

GFATF-Morteza Faramarzi

Morteza Faramarzi

Operative in Department 84010 of unit 840. A veteran operative and a ...

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