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GFATF-ISIS – The return to Europe

ISIS – The return to Europe

Over the last decade, ISIS is one of the most ferocious terror organizations in the world. Its horrible techniques of torturing and slaughtering its enemies ...

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Who Is Who in The Zoo

GFATF LLL Sami al-Uraydi
GFATF LLL Muhammad Haydar
GFATF LLL Seka Musa Baluku
GFATF LLL Hassan Izz-al-Din
GFATF - LLL - Ali Mohammed Rage
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Iranian Archi-Terrorists

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GFATF-Hamid Fazeli

Hamid Fazeli

Has a PhD in mechanics from the Sharif University of Technology in ...

GFATF-Behnam Shahariari

Behnam Shahariari

Shahariari was the one who pushed forward the capabilities of the unit. ...

GFATF-Rahmat Asadi

Rahmat Asadi

An Iranian intelligence operative who served time in prison in Dubai for ...

GFATF-Avat Hosseini Far

Avat Hosseini Far

Facilitator of unit 840 in Turkey, connected with Turkish organized crime.

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Lebanese Certified Terrorists

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