GFATF LLL Sheikh Nawaf Al-Bashir

Sheikh Nawaf Al-Bashir

A prominent Arab leader among the tribes in Dier ez-Zur region, head of Hashemite Tribes Regiment.

GFATF LLL Muhammad Yahya Kallas

Muhammad Yahya Kallas

Operative in unit 133 in the past most likely today as well (very likely in senior position).

GFATF LLL Ahmed Jaafar Al-Kubaisi

Ahmed Jaafar Al-Kubaisi

He reports directly to Abu Jihad. This unit belongs to Hezbollah and working in its methods but is specifically supervised by the IRGC. Its purpose...

GFATF LLL Hamdan Ali Hamdan

Hamdan Ali Hamdan

Operative in unit 910 since the 90’s. he started his career in Hezbollah’s secret security unit

GFATF LLL Khalil Mouhamad Azam

Khalil Mouhamad Azam

Head of military intelligence for Al-Shimali, involved in an Al-Shimali storage project called Sakha or Al-Gharbi

GFATF LLL Zuhair Subhi Nahla

Zuhair Subhi Nahla

Zuhair Subhi Nahla (Nahla) is the leader of GWB. Nahla has described GWB’s tree planting activities as providing a wall to protect Hizballah, highlighting its...

GFATF LLL Muhammad Hassan

Muhammad Hassan

He was a senior handler. Hassan functioned in the past (and maybe today as well) as the head of the operational infrastructures department