GFATF LLL Khaled Qaddoumi Hamas

Khaled Qaddoumi

Khaled Qaddoumi is Hamas’s representative in Tehran, Iran. He is responsible for raising Hamas’s interests with Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and members of...


Isa Saleh Isa Mohamed Salman

Isa Saleh Isa Mohamed Salman (Salman) is an Iran-based Al-Ashtar Brigades financier involved in money transfers for the group. On several occasions, Salman facilitated money...

GFATF LLL Qassim Abdallah Ali Ahmed

Qassim Abdallah Ali Ahmed

Qassim Abdallah Ali Ahmed has recruited terrorists in Bahrain, facilitated training on weapons and explosives for AAB members, and supplied AAB members with funding, weapons,...

GFATF LLL Ahmad Shams El-Din

Ahmad Shams El-Din

A senior operative and one of the official commanders of the Abu Jihad’s unit

GFATF LLL Muhammad Haj Musa

Muhammad Haj Musa

Operative in Abu Jihad’s unit. He is operating in the field of recruitment for the unit