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Ibrahim Anderson

Ibrahim Anderson is a ginger-bearded extremist who was jailed for setting up a stall in Oxford Street to drum up support for Islamic State is still posting inflammatory messages online after being let out. He is follower of hate preacher Anjem[...]

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Amer Alhaggagi

Amer Alhaggagi is an Oakland man who pleaded guilty to trying to support an Islamic terrorist group. Alhaggagi said he opened Twitter and Facebook accounts for two people he believed to be Islamic State supporters. Some of the Twitter accounts were[...]

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Hina Bashir

Hina Bashir and her husband Jahanzaib Sami were arrested in Delhi on March 8 for allegedly planning to carry out attacks in India on behalf of the Islamic State terrorist group. According to the charge sheet, they received the Bitcoin address[...]

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Jahanzaib Sami

Jahanzaib Sami is an Islamic State operative who had arranged a Bitcoin wallet address, through a British contact, on which he asked associates to deposit funds – the first documented allegation of the use of cryptocurrency in terror activity in India.[...]

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Abdullah Ahh

Abdullah Ahh is a young Syrian Islamic State supporter has been arrested after stabbing a German tourist to death and injuring another. He was arrested after the attack in the eastern German city of Dresden on October 4. Prosecutors said they[...]

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Abu Haleema

Shakil Chapra (better known by his kunya Abu Haleema), is a British Muslim radical activist and extremist preacher. He is a suspected supporter of the Islamic State, and regularly refers to the khilafah (caliphate). Haleema was born in London to Pakistani[...]

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Shehroz Iqbal

Shehroz Iqbal is an extremist who made a ‘chilling’ video of London’s Royal Festival Hall with the message ‘Attack, attack’ has been found guilty of encouraging terrorism. He posted the mobile phone footage to a group of like-minded friends on WhatsApp[...]

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