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A number of historical developments have influenced the emergence of Algeria as one of the hotspots for terrorism-related activities in Africa. These developments have influenced not only Algeria and its immediate region but also terror networks elsewhere, including Europe. As well[...]

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Terrorist organizations operating in Lebanon include the radical Shiite militia Hezbollah, several Palestinian groups-Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad...

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Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Islamic Declaration by Alija Izetbegović (1925–2003) published in 1970, is an essay on Islam and modernization.

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Kosovo has a mainly Muslim population. The traditional Islam in Kosovo is the Hanafi school, described as 'liberal' and 'moderate'.

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According to the State Department, which gives the title of the biggest terror financier to the neighboring Iran, the State Department has listed Iraq...

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Modern Afghanistan is seen as a place of terrorism and fear, but it hasn't always been that way. Afghanistan had always been a good trade location.

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Saudi Arabia

Terrorism in Saudi Arabia has formerly been attributed to Islamic extremists. Their targets included foreign civilians...

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