Status: Country who supports terrorism, Risk to invest in, Risky country to do business with;

Involved in: Providing finances, Training grounds, Aid for terrorists, Human rights atrocities;

Profit: Profits for leaders, Regime private benefits, Keep the citizens under fear, Damage on domestic democracy;

Spreading: Government propaganda, Fear;

Providing for Terrorists: Arms, Funds, Ground, Camps;

Democracy: Democracy Low low

Terror Financiers
Terrorists Attacks
Terror Events
Terror Extremists

General Info:

Hassan Turabi, the leader of the National Islamic Front Party in Sudan and one of the most infamous supporters of international terrorism in the world.

Since first being designated a State sponsor of terrorism in 1993, Sudan has risen quickly in the ranks of infamy to join Iran as the worst of State sponsors of terrorism.

Sudan harbors elements of the most violent terrorist organizations in the world: Jihad, the armed Islamic group, Hamas, Abu Nidal, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Hizbollah, and the Islamic Group are all present in terrorist training camps in Sudan. These terrorist groups are responsible for hundreds of terrorist attacks around the world that have taken thousands of lives.

Sudan is not simply a favorite vacation spot for terrorists. The Sudanese Government is an active supporter of these terrorist activities. Sudan reportedly provided weapons and travel documentation for the assassins who attacked President Mubarak. Two Sudanese diplomats at the United Nations in New York conspired to help Jihad terrorists gain access to the U.N. complex to bomb the building.
The plot to bomb the U.N. was just one in a series of plots to bomb numerous locations around New York, including the Lincoln and Holland Tunnels, the George Washington Bridge, and U.S. military installations. Five of the original 12 defendants convicted in the series of terrorist plots were Sudanese nationals.

In addition to supporting international terrorism, Sudan supports insurgencies against secular governments in northern Africa, and wages a war of domestic terror against its own people. Sudan supports extremist rebels and terrorist groups in Algeria, Uganda, Tunisia, Kenya, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

The military regime of Omar al-Bashir has used genocide, mass starvation, and slavery to pillage southern Sudan. Mere children are drafted into Sudan’s army to feed the flames of the Government’s hatred. Southern rebel leaders are guilty of human rights atrocities as well, and the civil war has taken the lives of 1.5 million people and displaced over 2 million more in the last decade.

“The Sudanese Government destabilizes its neighbors, supports terrorists, commits human rights abuses against it own citizens, and pursues civil war in the south.” Clearly, the training and support of terrorists occurring in Sudan are major contributors to the untold human suffering cause by religious extremists in this region of the world.

Sudan was designated under section 6(j) of the Export Administration Act and related foreign assistance and arms control legislation, because it provided–and continues to provide–safe haven to terrorist groups, training facilities and a transit point for these groups. Although we do not have information that Sudan provides the level and type of assistance and active support for specific operations as do some countries on the State sponsors list, the type of hospitality Sudan grants to terrorist groups makes it easier for them to maintain their viability, train and to carry out terrorist actions, such as the June 1995 attack by Al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya against President Mubarak in Addis Ababa.

Sudan harbors a number of terrorist groups. They include an old line secular group, the Abu Nidal organization, but most of them are militant Islamic extremist organizations. Among them are Hamas, Hezbollah, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and Al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya. The Sudanese Government also supports Islamic and non-Islamic opposition groups in Algeria, Uganda, Tunisia, Ethiopia, and Eritrea.

Sudan has not cutoff its support for terrorist organizations that continue to have a presence there.

Although Iran and the Sudan are equally culpable in sponsoring and orchestrating terrorist attacks. Sudan, under the leadership of Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, the head of the ruling National Islamic Front Party and de facto chief, has been responsible for helping to create the global Muslim brotherhood movement and subsidiary organizations. It would be wrong and self-deceiving to underestimate the success and guile of Dr. Turabi in both building up a fledgling Muslim brotherhood movement into an actual State, and, more critically, forging alliances between myriad branches and leaders of radical Islam.

There is no doubt that with regard to the Sudan it has played a key role, and continues to play a key role, as a leader of radical Islamic militant movements and groups throughout the Middle East and throughout the world.

Evidence contained in intelligence intercepts and other types of surveillance suggests that the entire Sudanese mission to the United Nations, as well as Sudanese diplomats in Washington, DC., are controlled by the National Islamic Front.

A major Sudanese intelligence officer previously employed in Washington sought to enter the United States under false documentation in order to expand Sudan’s terrorist network in the United States.

It is important to acknowledge what was discovered in the trials of the World Trade Center bombing. Conversations released in transcript form, sourced from wire taps and other types of recorded conversations, reveal explicitly and unequivocally that Saddiq Ali, the Sudanese ringleader of the second series of plots, was very close to the Islamic leadership in the Sudan. This evidence also points to his close ties to the Sudan mission in New York, quote: “When we hit the United Nations it will teach the world–the world, not only America. It will teach America a lesson.” This declaration was made with reference to plans to blow up the East River wing of the U.N.

He told his fellow conspirators that he could obtain critical help from the Sudanese mission at the U.N. to obtain credentials, license plates, and ID cards required to drive an explosive-laden Lincoln car into the parking garage adjacent to the U.N. And when Saddiq Ali began to plan the assassination of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, it was the Sudanese mission in New York that provided the conspirators with acutely sensitive information about how to pierce President Mubarak’s security detail and transportation route to the Waldorf Astoria, where the Egyptian President was scheduled to stay.

Mr. Ali was not the only Sudanese connection to this terrorist plot. Another defendant is Mohammed Saleh. This Yonkers gasoline operator was responsible for providing the fuel for the incendiary brew, the explosive agent. According to information obtained by Federal investigators and other undisclosed material found on his possession, Saleh is a Hamas leader in charge of training Hamas terrorist recruits in the Sudan.

Mr. Saleh traveled in Sudan several times prior to his involvement in the plan to oversee Hamas training exercises.

However, he has also revealed that he had obtained various terrorist weapons in the Sudan, including guns and night vision goggles, and ultimately smuggled them to Hamas terrorist squads in the West Bank. Mr. Saleh’s home in the Bronx was used as a haven for known terrorists visiting the United States.

There can be no denying that Sudan plays a pivotal role in the worldwide operations of militant Islamic groups bent on imposing the Sha’aria –the body of Islamic law– and confronting through murderous violence any regime or institution that stands in its way. Sudan, arguably the largest terrorist camp in the world, has become a central player in supporting, sponsoring and enhancing radical terrorist groups that have carried out–or at least tried to carry out – the most horrific violence that the world has witnessed in decades. A veritable “Murder Incorporated”, Sudan has been directly tied to the entire spectrum of radical Islamic violence that has plagued not only the Middle East but the West as well. Unless some type of brakes are forcibly applied to the spinning vortex of terrorism emanating from the Sudan, the attacks on our friends and on ourselves will only continue.

Just look at Sudan’s record thus far. To pick at random: Suicide bombings in Israel. The attempted assassination of the Egyptian President. A brutal military campaign of near genocidal proportions against the black non-Muslim tribal minorities in southern Sudan.
Attacks on American Forces in Somalia. Sponsorship of the most ruthless terrorist financier in the world today, Osama Bin Laden, who in turn is linked to the World Trade Center conspiracy and two acts of carnage in Saudi Arabia against American forces. Sponsorship and hosting of unparalleled get-togethers of the most militant Islamic terrorist leaders in the world today, including those that have planned the murder of hundreds of Americans, not to mention Jews and Arabs deemed to be “infidels” or “enemies of Islam”.

Training camps for more than a dozen terrorist organizations whose raison d’Etre is to kill infidels, Christians, Jews and secular and moderate Muslims. Basing privileges for the Iranian Navy. Training camps for Iranian Revolutionary Guards, who in turn have trained street militias called the Popular Defense Forces who carry out vigilante violence. Use of the Sudanese diplomatic pouch to transport explosives. Support of terrorist attacks in Ethiopia. And even direct support for, advance knowledge of and critical involvement with the second series of planned terrorist attacks in Manhattan following the World Trade Center bombing designed to kill tens of thousands of American civilians.

Although Iran is as equally culpable as the Sudan in sponsoring and orchestrating terrorist attacks internationally, what makes Sudan stand out has been the marked success of Dr. Hassan al-Turabi, the head of the ruling National Islamic Front party and de facto chief, in creating a regime solely dedicated to supporting the global Muslim Brotherhood movement and subsidiary organizations, all of which are Sunni.