Private Financiers

GFATF LLL Zaher Jabarin

Zaher Jabarin

Turkey-based Jabarin is the head of Hamas’s Finance Office. In this capacity, he manages Hamas’s yearly budget amounting to tens of millions of dollars, is...


Rima Baker

Nazem Said Ahmad’s wife, Rima Baker, served as a proxy for Nazem Said Ahmad for both the purchase as well as the consignment of works...


Hind Ahmad

Since 2018, Nazem Said Ahmad’s daughter, Hind Ahmad, has brokered deals on behalf of her father, as well as coordinating the creation of an alias...


Rim Nasser

Acted as a nominee shareholder in Oriental Dynasty Limited

GFATF LLL Imad Abdul Reda Bakri 3

Imad Abdul Reda Bakri

Imad Abdul Reda Bakri is a Hezbollah financier and Weapon smuggler. He is a major shareholder in vast number of businesses worldwide. Through some of...


Firas Ahmad

Firas Ahmad, Nazem Said Ahmad’s son, handles many of his father’s business affairs in South Africa. Firas Ahmad is the director of South Africa-based diamond...

GFATF LLL Samer Akil Rada

Samer Akil Rada

Samer Akil Rada is considered to be a prominent figure in the cryptocurrency field in Venezuela, it is highly likely that he is in contact...


Noah Zaitar

Noah Zaitar is a Lebanese national with close ties to both the SAA’s Fourth Division and certain members of Hizballah


Hassan Muhammad Daqqou

Daqqou developed a reputation as a source for Captagon and facilitator of smuggling across the Syria-Lebanon border under the protection of Hizballah associates


Samer Kamal al-Assad

Samer Kamal al-Assad (Samer) is a cousin of President al-Assad and oversees key Captagon production facilities in regime-controlled Latakia, Syria, in coordination with the Fourth...


Maysam Sadeghi

Iraqi citizen that is taking critical part at the Quds Force’s USD smuggling from Iraq to Iran.