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Kassem Mohamad Ali Bazzi

Kassem Mohammed Bazzi is the U.S.-designated CEO and chairman of Lebanon-based Atlas Holding, which the U.S. government accuses of aiding Hezbollah in skirting financial sanctions

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Owen Ncube

In his role as the Minister of National Security, Ncube, with the support of other Zimbabwean government officials, ordered the Zimbabwean security services to identify, abduct, and mistreat individuals assessed to be supporters of a Zimbabwean opposition group

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Anselem Sanyatwe

Sanyatwe, in his former role as the commander of the Zimbabwean National Army’s Presidential Guard Brigade, activated and deployed troops to multiple parts of the capital city to attack and silence the demonstrators

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Laith al-Khazali

Laith al-Khazali is Qais al-Khazali’s brother. He also is a leader of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq (AAH). In Diyala Province, Iraq, AAH has been involved in widespread forced disappearances, abductions, killings, and torture, targeting Sunni Iraqis with impunity.

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