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Zaher Jabarin

Born: 11 September 1968; alt. 09 November 1968;

Place of Birth: Salfit, West Bank, Palestine; alt. Nablus, West Bank, Palestine;

Gender: Male;

Passport: 2987250 (Palestine); alt. Passport 26899900360 (Qatar);

Identification Number: 904121555 (Palestine);

1. Iran;
2. Turkey;

Known also as: Zahar Jabarin; Zaher Ali Mousa Jabarin; Zahir Jabarin; Zahir Ali Mousa Jabbareen; Zaher Ali Mousa Jibril.


Turkey-based Jabarin is the head of Hamas’s Finance Office. In this capacity, he manages Hamas’s yearly budget amounting to tens of millions of dollars, is in charge of all Hamas’s income from various elements around the world, and seeks to obtain additional sources of funding for Hamas.

In his capacity as head of Hamas’s Finance Department, Jabarin was focused on developing a financial network in Turkey that would allow Hamas to raise, invest, and launder money prior to transferring it to Gaza and the West Bank.

In recent years, Jabarin has promoted Hamas’s terrorist activities in the West Bank and Gaza targeting Israel by transferring hundreds of thousands of U.S. dollars in the West Bank to finance Hamas’s terrorist activity.

In addition, Jabarin tries to promote business activity and investments to generate revenue for Hamas.

Jabarin has served as the primary point of contact between Hamas and the IRGC-QF. Since 2017, there was growing contact between IRGC-QF and Hamas officials focused on increased funding from Iran.

Jabarin was involved in the transfer of millions of dollars to Hamas via Redin Exchange.

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