Iranian Archi Terrorists

GFATF LLL Muhammad Jawad Lutfi

Muhammad Jawad Lutfi

Senior Iranian Quds Force operative in Unit 402, Head of Iran's Drone Program in Iraq

GFATF LLL Mahmoud Iqbal

Mahmoud Iqbal

Operative in Department 84010 of unit 840, Quds Force

GFATF LLL Ali Salehi

Ali Salehi

A veteran Quds Force operative, formerly active in Germany with several contacts in Turkey.

GFATF LLL Amrallah Azizi

Amrallah Azizi

Quds Force operative. Azizallah Jamali is a valued veteran Quds Force operative. He is involved in Quds Force operational activity abroad

GFATF LLL Morteza Faramarzi

Morteza Faramarzi

Operative in Department 84010 of unit 840. A veteran operative and a member of Hejazi’s operations in Venezuela and Turkey.

GFATF LLL Muhammad Abbasi

Muhammad Abbasi

Responsible for recruiting and handling agents to carry out terror activity worldwide – unit 840