Mesmerizing testimony of a Gaza citizens last moments.

Mesmerizing testimony of a Gaza citizens last moments.

We usually don’t share E-mails that our followers and users send to the Editor’s desk, mostly in an effort not to expose our sources. In many cases, we cannot verify the information, so we archive the input, in case we receive authenticating evidence that allows us to use it in good conscience.

This time is different.
We received a mail that was sent from a genuine user, we could cross-reference his credentials and authenticate names and some dates included in his appeal.


As relevancy is currently extremely high, here is the partially edited and translated text:

I write to you because I need help. I don’t have anyone to turn to. They burned my partner alive and I don’t know if he survived. I am devasted, please help…
Here is what I know: I lived with my partner in an eight-story building in Gaza. His name is A. (edited) and he is 22 years old, I am a little older. We are both students and that is why sharing an apartment looks okay. Nobody knew about our love. In my dreams I still kiss his moustache. I love him so much. I was visiting my family in Marseilles when all hell broke loose in Gaza. A. called me, begging me not to come back. He promised to leave for the South and find a way to go to Cyprus. We planned to meet there but he never came. Two days ago, I got a WhatsApp message with a Video clip, coming from his phone. In the clip I could see my beloved A., beaten, bloody, dragged through a room, and then tied behind a rocket launcher pointing to a terrasse. I saw two masked Hamas troopers shouting at him “do you like long thick rockets” and “now you will pay for your crocked ways”. Four rockets were launched, shooting fire at my little A. He must have been very afraid. I don’t know if he survived, I don’t know where the rockets were launched from. I don’t have anybody to turn to. Hamas will kill you for being a homosexual, but not this way. Maybe he is still alive. Please help.

So far we found proof for the existence of both young men in Gaza, photos of them in France from one year ago, they being students and one more source claiming that Hamas killed people by tying them to the back of a rocket launcher.

If you have any information on this or similar accounts, please write us to or use the form provided here.