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Al-Waqfiya Al-Ri’aya Al-Usra Al-Filistinya Wa Al-Lubnanya (“Al-Waqfiya”) has been designated pursuant to Executive Order (E.O.) 13224 for being controlled by, acting for or on behalf of, and providing financial support to Hamas

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Kifah Moulhem

Syrian Military Intelligence head Kifah Moulhem reportedly oversaw detention facilities where human rights abuses occurred. Prior to being named to his current role, Moulhem commanded Syrian Military Intelligence Branch 248, where he reportedly supervised the torture and killing of many detainees

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Hasan Al-Shaban

Al-Shaban’s banking information was provided by an al-Qa’ida fundraiser to prospective donors as a way for them to send money to support al-Qa’ida military efforts and the so-called mujahideen fighting in Syria

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Ghassan Jaoudat Ismail

OFAC designated General Ghassan Jaoudat Ismail (Ismail), the head of the designated Syrian Air Force Intelligence (SAFI). Ismail has served as the head of SAFI since 2019, previously serving as the Deputy Director and in charge of SAFI’s mission branch

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Hussam al-Qaterji

OFAC sanctioned Hussam al-Qaterji, a Syrian businessman and 33 percent shareholder of Arfada. Hussam al-Qaterji is known as the godfather of the regime’s oil and wheat trade with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS)

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Tariq Al-Madani

Tariq Al-Madani is Sallizar’s Assistant General Manager, a Member of the Board, and authorized signatory with a 25 percent stake in the company. OFAC designated Tariq Imad al-Din al-Madani (Tariq Al-Madani) founder of Sallizar

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Kamal al-Madani

OFAC designated Kamal Imad al-Din al-Madani (Kamal al-Madani) and Tariq Imad al-Din al-Madani (Tariq Al-Madani), two of the four founders of Sallizar. Kamal al-Madani represented Sallizar in its agreements with the Government of Syria

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